Meet ANNA, South Africa’s first locally manufactured, environmentally friendly and organic feminine hygiene product range.

Our Mission

ANNA is taking the lead in creating environmentally friendly feminine hygiene products. We believe that women who are conscious of their ecological footprint shouldn't have to compromise comfort in the process of lowering their environmental impact.

By providing environmentally conscious women with a real alternative to traditional plastic sanitary products, ANNA products are empowering women to take ownership of, not only their own physical wellbeing, but the wellbeing of the environment too.

There's only one earth and one of you. Take care of both.

“Women who are conscious of their ecological footprint shouldn't have to compromise comfort.”

Our Products

As a cohesive, global consciousness about the environmental impact of disposable, single-use plastic products are becoming more evident, plastic-free products, such as the ANNA pure organic product range, are starting to take the frontline on the shelves of responsible retailers. The range currently consist of two groundbreaking organic products, ANNA Maxi Pads and ANNA Panty Liners.

ANNA pads

Maxi Pads 10

ANNA pads

Panty Liners 25

ANNA pads

Panty Liners 50

ANNA Pure Organic Pads and Liners are both natural and comfortable. Great care is taken in considering every element that goes into our product range.


Natural Plant Fibres

The absorbent core in our ANNA range is made from 100% natural plant fibres, sourced from renewable, responsibly managed, man-made FSC certified forests. The core contains no super-absorbent polymers.


Natural Raw Cotton

ANNA products feature a breathable and environmentally friendly top sheet made from 100% natural raw cotton, this ensures a soft feel against your skin and improved comfort. Skin irritations, normally associated with plastic products, are eliminated. The topsheet contains no dyes, fragrances or parabens.


Biodegradable Bio-poly

The backsheet in ANNA pads and liners is made from 100% eco-friendly Certified Compostable Cardia plant based biopolymer. It is biodegradable certified.


Find ANNA Pure Organic Pads and Liners in your local supermarket.

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